8 Ball Cannabis Strain

8 Ball Kush, a descendent of Afghani Kush from the Hindu Kush region and an indica-dominant strain, has the relaxing properties of a pure Indica with the subtle mental buzz typical of Sativa strains. This high-quality pure Indica bud provides a powerful physical high for marijuana users with some experience, making it ideal for relaxing

We have no idea why Barney’s Farm dubbed this strain 8 Ball Kush. Regardless, it appears to be a desirable option for leisure users while also seeming more suited to medical usage. Of course, in a subsequent section, we’ll go over this in greater detail. This pure Indica strain is one that provides full body relaxation with surprising Sativa effects and

The White Widow strain was developed in the Netherlands and then released to the market. It is a popular sativa indica hybrid that came about after crossing two Indica strains. According to Barney’s Farm, the origin of this particular strain comes from an Afghani Indica variety. The Hindu Kush range runs through Afghanistan and Pakistan’s mountains.

8 Ball Kush Effects

The 8 Ball Kush starts quickly and has a mild buzz that lifts the spirit. The pleasure sensation soon sets in, and some users may become giggly. It appears to have Sativa properties, such as increasing mental clarity and generating inventive thoughts.

The origins of the strain are quite mysterious, but stories abound in which adherents have claimed to see vivid colors and hear thunderous sounds. This powerful physical sedative effect is often followed by a mild mental high. Consider the example of a pool ball colliding with other balls on the table at breakneck speed. 8 Ball Kush has a strong sedative-like impact that leads to users becoming completely tranquil.

Despite their high tolerance levels, some people are able to conduct activities. They can do chores without difficulty in this case. Others become disabled by the powerful euphoric sensation and remain on their sofa.

The 9094 KB9’s THC concentration is rather modest, coming in at 16.5 percent on the potency scale. It has a high THC concentration, but it isn’t potent enough to be called very strong. As a result, some individuals may believe they’re cannabis experts when it comes to this hybrid because of its above-average THC content. Make no mistake: This cross is a knockout punch that will leave you stoned as a kite.

Although some may see it as a negative thing, this is not the case if done for medical reasons.


Some people have compared the aroma of 8 Ball Kush to hash. They are correct, naturally. Hash is actually produced in the region from which it originates. It has an earthy and pungent scent that combines pepper and dirt scents.


The scent and taste of 8 Ball Kush are quite similar to those of hash. The majority of customers may appreciate the wood and sage tones.

8 Ball Kush Adverse Reaction

Because of the particular challenges that certain cannabis strains pose, as is the case with 8 Ball Kush, it’s essential to know how to cultivate and maintain them.

Cannabis has both beneficial and negative effects. In most cases, the symptoms are minor and dissipate on their own. If they do develop, it’s usually due to overconsumption of food. When cannabis is compared to 8 Ball Kush, however, comparable unpleasant side effects are more apparent in both situations, even if one follows regulations.

In other words, we may infer that this strain has a price. Whatever objective it serves, it must be worth it. As a result of this, the recreational usage of this cannabis hybrid may not be as appealing as other strains.

Individuals may anticipate a variety of responses, such as dry eyes and a dry mouth. Some people may feel that this is typical at this stage. Of course, it is. However, other strains usually have little to no impact when compared to others. To put it another way, almost every 8 Ball Kush user will experience the aforementioned unpleasant side effects.

High dosages might induce anxiety or paranoia in users. It may cause them to feel dizzy at the same time.

Given the preceding adverse effects, it should be clear that 8 Ball Kush is effective for medical purposes.

8 Ball Kush Medical Benefits

Certain strains and crossbreeds may be beneficial in reducing stress. The same may be said about 8 Ball Kush. Apart from that, the hybrid’s sedative effects can aid with muscular spasms and other ailments. It’s excellent at helping people deal with sadness.

It varies considerably, with some websites claiming it has a 5% CBD content, while others only listing 1.4 percent. Some research have discovered that its CBD concentration is as much as 5%. At that level, it may genuinely be helpful to persons suffering from epilepsy. However, the breeder claims it’s only 1.4 percent CBD. Despite the fact that it is of no benefit to individuals who suffer from epileptic and convulsive disorders, it is substantially greater than other strains.

8 Ball Kush Growing Info

The heavy-duty grandparent, Northern Lights #8, is a time-tested variety popular for its resilience. Because the strains are used in a range of weather and situations, it stands up to whatever comes its way. It’s hearty enough to withstand mistakes such as incorrect nutrient levels. Did we also mention that it’s pest-resistant, mold and mildew resistant? As a result, this strain is ideal for beginners who want to grow cannabis plants.

The leaves are dark green, slightly glossy and finely hairy. However, they become more bushy outside. This plant may be used indoors with the Sea of Green and Screen of Green training systems.

8 Ball Kush Flowering Time

The 8 Ball Kush is an Indica-dominant variety that matures in around seven weeks. The plant should provide roughly 16 ounces of cannabis per square meter when ready. When the crop is at its peak, between October 1 and 15, it’s best to harvest it. Each plant yields approximately 19 to 21 ounces of thick buds every year.

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