Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

The Ace of Spades Hybrid is without a doubt the “Ace” in an industry filled with hundreds of cannabis strains. When Subcool Seeds conceived this fantastic hybrid, they shattered boundaries. If you’d like to buy Ace of Spades, use our toronto weed delivery to your home.

Users who require medicinal cannabis can also enjoy the exceptional recreational marijuana product Ace of Spades Hybrid. The excellent Ace of Spades Hybrid is made by TGA Subcool Seeds, which combines the qualities of two distinct strains: Jack The Ripper and Black Cherry Soda. Users have praised the strain’s euphoric high, which is pleasant and not overpowering. Users in legal states have mentioned that the strain relieves tension and lifts their spirits.

The TGA’s Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain has a lot of excellent features. Learn about its physical and chemical characteristics, as well as where it came from, how it was produced, and what medical uses it may have.

What is Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

Sweet and sour is a flavor combination that never goes out of style. It’s popular among both leisure and medical users. Because this plant grows quickly and produces a large crop, farmers enjoy it as well. These strains’ buds are not only attractive to the eye, but they’re also quite powerful.

The real deal is this blueberry-lemon-flavored bud, with colors ranging from blue, purple, pink, and even orange in the buds. The Ace of Spades Hybrid is most popular for evening use because it causes a feeling of calm that is often followed by dizziness after the indica effects have taken hold.

The Origin of the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

The Blackberry (TGH Subcool) strain is a cross between Jack the Ripper (Sativa) and Black Cherry Soda (Hybrid). It was originally created by TGH Subcool Seeds. Its seeds have been cultivated by experienced cannabis growers all around the world since its creation.

In general, the THC concentration of Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain is about 15%, although in certain plants, it can reach 20%. The strain’s CBD content was recently measured at 1 percent or less.

Cultivating the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

It may be cultivated both indoors and out. Since these plants develop to a great height and density, they must be nurtured in indoor areas. These crops must be pruned and groomed on a regular basis.

The ideal growth of this strain has been reported by experienced farmers. They like to grow in warm and sunny climates outside. According to experts, the hybrid performs best in a Mediterranean setting. The temperature must fall between 76 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit for indoor places.

It’s ideal to start Low-Stress Training (LST) at the early vegetative stage, when the plant is still small. LST is a technique for bending and carefully adjusting the stem of the plant to an angle that allows new nodes to form. seasoned growers recommend utilizing the three-finger method for this approach. During this method, the thumb is gently placed behind the stem.

The majority of outdoor crops are ready for picking in late September to early October, with an average yield of 19 ounces per plant. Indoor crops take nine weeks to flower and produce a yield of 23 ounces per square meter. Because this strain thrives on a lot of room and produces abundantly, growers should keep this in mind when planning their crop rotation.

The appearance, aroma, and flavor of the Ace of Spades Hybrid

This plant has huge blooms that grow bushy and tall. Based on their genotype, the buds are heavily frosted in purple, pink, and blue hues. The pistils of these buds are long and light orange, making the plant gleaming. The strain has an unusual fragrance with a sweet-sour flavor profile. The aroma combines earthy notes with berry accents and citrus highlights. These nuances are quite evident when exhaled.

Effect of the Ace of Spades Hybrid

After eating this strain, the effects begin in a few minutes. It gives off an intense high that fades into a pleasant mood. The Ace of Spades is a hybrid with a powerful beginning similar to that of the Sativa strain. The user enters a happy mood, often accompanied by giggling and enhanced creativity. After some time, indica effects begin to show, making the user feel calm and relaxed. Spasms, pain, tension, and sleeplessness symptoms are relieved as soon as it hits this mark. It’s frequently used to help you sleep better at night. As previously said, it works best in the evening hours.

Medical Benefits of the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

Its characteristics are influenced by its parents. The Jack the Ripper strain includes at least 2.4 percent tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). Scientific research have shown that this cannabinoid has therapeutic purposes such as antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anti-anxiety, and antipsychotic effects. As a result, the Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain marijuana strain is an excellent alternative for individuals using medicinal cannabis under a prescription.

It’s used to cure symptoms including chronic pain, seizures, sleeplessness, and nausea. According to researchers, the plant has the potential to assist with disorders such as persistent lower back and muscular discomfort. The Ace of Spades strain’s powerful relaxation effect might help those suffering from chronic stress and insomnia. Its sleep-inducing effects may go a long way toward assisting patients in obtaining that much-needed rest.

This strain may help patients who are depressed and have other mood problems to live a more enjoyable life. It can also enhance the appetite of those who suffer from nausea as a result of several chronic diseases.

Side Effects of Ace of Spades Hybrid Strain

Anxiety, dizziness, paranoia, cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dehydration are some of the common adverse effects associated with this strain. The plant’s Sativa heritage is largely responsible for most of the negative effects. It is ideal to use cautiously the Ace of Spade’s strain to avoid this sluggish sensation.


The Ace of Spades is a one-of-a-kind cannabis strain that may be used for both adult and medicinal purposes. Keep this one on hand for later use if you have busy days and sleepless nights. Despite its name coming from the famous Motorhead song, this strain won’t make you overstimulated or euphoric.

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