Ajax weed

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Ajax weed is a very potent and powerful strain of cannabis. It is said to be one of the strongest strains available. Ajax weed is very popular among medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike. The effects of Ajax weed are very powerful and long lasting. This strain is perfect for those who need a very strong medicine or for those who enjoy a very strong high. Ajax weed is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a very strong strain of cannabis.

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The quality of Ajax weed

The quality of Ajax weed is very high. The buds are large and dense. They are covered in trichomes and have a very pungent aroma. The taste of Ajax weed is also very strong. It is very earthy with hints of citrus. The effects of Ajax weed are almost immediate. You will feel a very strong head buzz within minutes of smoking it. The high is very cerebral and can be quite overwhelming for some people. It is important to start with a small amount if you have never tried this strain before. The high can last for several hours, so it is best to smoke it in the evening or at night.

Ajax weed is a great strain for those who need a powerful medicine. It is also perfect for those who enjoy a strong head high. This strain is not for everyone, but if you can handle its potent effects, it is definitely worth trying.

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