Banana Bread Cannabis Strain

Holy Smoke Seeds’ Banana Bread strain is a 50/50 hybrid (indica/sativa) named for its exceptionally delicious flavor. It’s a mix of the Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black strains, both of which have a delicious flavor.

There’s nothing quite like a warm, delicious slice of banana bread. If you enjoy it, the Banana Bread strain is likely to appeal to you. The Banana Bread strain melts in the mouth and leaves you wanting more, much like its edible (cannabis-free) counterpart.

Smoking Banana Bread cannabis is an extremely pleasurable experience. Users have claimed to feel pleasure, euphoria and calm while using this strain.

In this Banana Bread strain review, we’ll go through all of the information about this delectable smelling and tasting plant, including its medical advantages, potential side effects, how to cultivate it, and more. This is one of those cannabis strains that you should always have on hand.

What Is the Banana Bread Strain?

Holy Smoke Seeds bred the Banana Bread strain, which is a 50-50 hybrid ( indica/sativa ) produced by breeders at Holy Smoke Seeds. It was given its delicious flavor because to its Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black heritage.

Unfortunately, Holy Smokes wants to keep consumers in the dark when it comes to the potency of Banana Bread. However, it’s commonly accepted that it has a THC concentration of between 19 and 23 percent.

Banana Bread has a potent first sativa high, but it also has a nice, calm comedown. Although you won’t necessarily be infused with a lot of energy, feelings of joy and creativity will emerge rapidly following just a few puffs. This strain is ideal for smoking at parties or an evening at home with friends where you can interact with other people.

This strain will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric. You’ll be wanting to sit back and relax when the indica side takes effect, so enjoy the sativa effects of Banana Bread while they last.


The Banana Bread strain smells a lot like bananas, but it also has undertones of berries. The banana and berry fragrances go together to make a lovely aroma.


Banana Bread’s scent and taste are quite comparable. This strain, known for its delicious flavor, delivers a flavor profile that is similar to its name – a fresh batch of fragrant banana bread. However, you will also detect undertones of berry in the flavor.


This strain has tiny purple, brilliant green, and occasionally black markings hidden under the buds, which are completely coated in trichomes.

Banana Bread Strain Grow Info

Banana Bread is a crossbreed strain that matures in approximately 8 to 9 weeks, similar to many other crossbreeds. Banana Bread is a strain that thrives indoors as well as outside and matures in about 8 to 9 weeks, comparable to many other crossbreeds.

Take note that there isn’t much information on the strain’s resilience while developing it. You might want to consult a professional cultivator for further details on how to grow Banana Bread efficiently.

THC Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, the THC concentration of Banana Bread (Holy Smoke Seeds) has not been revealed. Many individuals, on the other hand, believe it to be quite potent – with a THC level of 23%. However, keep in mind that this has not yet been verified.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is no way to tell how much CBD is in Banana Bread because of the lack of THC. According to scientists, it only contains tiny traces of the chemical.

Medical Benefits of the Banana Bread Strain

Banana Bread is a potent strain that has shown efficacy in the medical marijuana industry. This strain can quickly boost your spirits for individuals who suffer from continuous negative thoughts and frequently become depressed. Users will immediately notice an increase in their mood and thought patterns after smoking just a few bowls.

Anxiety and sadness are never allowed to settle in after Banana Bread’s happiness takes hold, and you can occasionally feel physical discomfort vanish. Banana Bread may also assist with sleeplessness management if used frequently enough.

With strong, long-lasting effects that are tingly and warming in nature, this strain is supposed to be great for reducing physical aches and pains.

You will feel a lifted sense of the mind and euphoria after just a few tokes. As your mind relaxes, a gentle tingling sensation will begin to take over your physical form, putting you in an exciting state of pure pleasure and serenity.

Banana Bread is effective for treating conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic tiredness in combination with its perceived high amounts of THC.

Possible Side Effects of the Banana Bread Strain

We were unable to identify any negative effects linked with the Banana Bread strain in particular. However, due to the high THC levels, it’s worth noting that unpleasant side effects are possible. Red or cottonmouth are the most common side effects, although you may also receive dry eyes or become dehydrated. So, keep some water on hand and stay hydrated.

Final Thoughts on the Banana Bread Strain

It’s a shame that Holy Smoke Seeds won’t reveal the Banana Bread’s THC content. However, according to reports, the THC levels are said to be significant. It’s critical to consider what you’ll do after you smoke this strain since it makes you feel like a million dollars at first, but the comedown will have you leaning towards the couch and perhaps even going to sleep. Banana Bread should be smoked in the evening hours for sure.

The Banana Bread strain is difficult to come by, depending on where you live. However, if you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on this one, we’re confident you’ll enjoy it.

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