Blue Dream Weed

Blue Dream is a fragrant, sweet-tasting strain with a crisp blueberry aroma. It’s a well-known variety that has medical advantages, such as alleviating pain and anxiety symptoms. Blue Dream may also promote feelings of happiness and wellness.

In the world of marijuana, Blue Dream has become a standard. While it is popular among MMJ patients, this strain is also popular among recreational users due to its pleasant effects. It’s appropriately named because of its fruity and sweet fragrance that smells like biting into a batch of freshly picked blueberries.

Are you interested to know why this strain is so popular? Continue reading to learn more.

What Is the Blue Dream Strain?

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes Blueberry with Haze. The bud’s blueberry sweetness, according to most, can be traced back to California, where it reflects the sunny and golden state. After those first few puffs, you’ll feel like celebrating California Dreams all over again.

Blue Dream is a versatile option for almost any marijuana consumer, from novice to expert. The plant formerly enjoyed a high reputation, but it is now being overshadowed by newer, more powerful hybrids.

Blue Dream marijuana is known for its euphoric, dreamy effects that may include an energizing euphoria.

The Blue Dream marijuana strain is perfect for daytime use. Some people, for example, take it before going to work in order to get them ready for the day ahead. It only takes a little quantity to energize you, and some users even replace their morning cup of coffee with it!

However, keep in mind that if your employer suspects you of being high, they will most likely terminate your contract! As a result, it’s best to consume Blue Dream on a day off. It may not be the greatest choice before bedtime, either. This strain, however, could be ideal for going out for the night to socialize or party.


Blue Dream cannabis is recognized for its beautiful blueberry scent, which becomes apparent as soon as the buds are removed from the container. However, you might also detect notes of mango and vanilla in the mix.


There are no surprises in Blue Dream’s taste after you’ve smelled it. The fruity flavor of blueberries is apparent, though the spice undertones are a welcome addition. Some consumers claim to detect sour notes as well, which only adds to the delicious experience.


Blue Dream has sage green leaves, yellow and orange pistils, and frosty trichomes. Depending on the variety and conditions in which your crop is cultivated, its water leaves can be orange to brown to dark green.

Blue Dream Grow Info

It is essential to adhere to proven methods when growing Blue Dream. This entails ensuring that your plants get enough nitrogen in the vegetative period (cutting it back in the flowering phase), as well as potassium and phosphorus. When cultivating this crop, magnesium remains one of the most essential supplementary nutrients. It is also a thirsty type that benefits from regular watering.

Blue Dream is a popular strain among both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivators. It has a decent yield that may be increased with time once you’ve mastered the technique. When grown outside, it yields approximately 21 ounces of bud per plant and is ready to harvest in October.

If you’re growing cannabis indoors, expect to harvest 21 ounces per square meter planted.

The Blue Dream strain’s growth rate quickens as it approaches the flowering stage. You may start to look at things like the quality of your soil to get the most out of your crop after a few successful harvests. If you want an even greater yield and potentially more powerful marijuana, consider using hydroponics.

Blue Dream is susceptible to spider mites and powdery mildew, so keep an eye out for these pests. Check your crop frequently for signs of virus or health decline; remove the sick plants as soon as possible if you discover any.

THC Content – Highest Test

THC content in ‘Green Dream’ is between 17% and 25%, with an average of 18-19%. While it doesn’t compare to strains like Gorilla Glue #4 in terms of strength, it does provide powerful enough effects for most users.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The high-THC marijuana strain Blue Dream has 2 percent CBD in some analyses, according to some tests. Because many strains have less than 1%, this is significant for cannabis that was not bred specifically to create a high level of CBD. This plant also contains up to 1% CBN.

Medical Benefits of the Blue Dream Strain

According to some sources, Blue Dream is a potent pain reliever. This strain may be beneficial for people who are suffering from tension or sadness. It could also assist Parkinson’s disease patients with chronic pain, headaches, or tiredness.

The Blue Dream marijuana strain is uplifting, making it potentially beneficial for persons who are weary, anxious, or down.

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream’s most common adverse effects include dry mouth and eyes. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, make sure you’re hydrated and drink lots of water.

Some users have reported feeling anxious or paranoid after taking Blue Dream marijuana. Typically, persons who are already prone to such feelings develop them. If you get anxious when using cannabis, end your usage immediately. CBD oil is a potential choice since it does not produce intoxication and has little negative side effects.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Dream Strain

One of the world’s most popular strains is Blue Dream. It isn’t necessarily deserving of its reputation, but it is really a delicious strain with an energetic, elevating impact. Despite its low THC content, it has a nice high that doesn’t overpower the user, thanks to its decent amount.

Blue Dream is susceptible to spider mite infestations, therefore maintenance is necessary. You’ll earn a large yield if you grow this strain carefully if you do it correctly.

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