Bruce Banished Strain

Bruce Banished comes from a cross between Haze Brothers and a Mexican landrace, and it’s almost pure sativa. It has a sweet melon flavor profile with tropical undertones and floral overtones, and is recognized for producing a powerful cerebral high combined with an underlying bodily buzz and increased energy. Try our Durban 95.

Every cannabis user has a purpose — whether it’s to unwind, alleviate pain, improve mood, or simply get away from it all. Whatever your goal is, you’ll have a far better chance of achieving it if you select the appropriate strain.

How can you know whether the Bruce Banished strain is right for you?

Users of cannabis usually focus on THC and CBD levels. THC is the chemical that makes you high. It does not, however, make people feel high. Rather, it has a unique profile of effects that includes a number of health advantages.

However, the various mental and physical rushes that you will feel will differ based on the type of strain. Some are simple to manage, while others may be too powerful for even experienced cannabis consumers.

Banished is a drug you don’t want to play with, especially if you’re not searching for a powerful cerebral high. If you like strains that provide thrilling energy and an under-the-skin buzz, this is one to try.

What is the Bruce Banished Strain?

The mystical Mexican landrace strain is combined with the Haze brothers in Banished, which is an old-school combination between a sativa and a indica. It has a 95:5 sativa to indica ratio, but it’s also known for producing a more hybrid-like experience. Make no mistake; this isn’t your average sativa. Because of its flavor and high, which are different from any other strain you’ve ever had before, Bruce Banished is well-known. You can anticipate a tropical head buzz that will give you an energetic, cerebral high.

Bruce Banished is a potent strain with an average THC concentration of 20 percent. It relaxes the body and activates the mind, with the most marked cerebral effects including euphoria and a raised mood. Although there is an initial sense of mental alertness, it is quickly followed by a buzzing high.

While the indica component is quite small at 5 percent, some users report feeling the physical high sooner and more strongly than the mental effects. However, Bruce Banished still produces a bodily high, and as the strong cerebral high dissipates, people will begin to feel lethargic and drowsy.


Bruce Banished is famous for its incredibly fragrant buds, which have an odd resemblance to sour melon. It has a unique mix of sweet, fruity, and earthy notes with a slightly pungent odor.


Bruce Banished is a CBD-rich strain that delivers an active THC content of up to 14.5 percent and a delicious flavor profile with hints of pine, sweet and sour melons. Users describe the flavor of Bruce Banished as similar to a freshly sliced watermelon. It has a refreshing and smooth taste that reminds users of citrus and tropical fruits.


Bruce Banished will be available in February 2020. It’s a forest green hue with a modest number of red pistils. It may occasionally show the slightest flairs on its surface.

Bruce Banished Strain Grow Info

Bruce Banished is not suggested for first-time growers. It necessitates a minimum of expertise and experience in growing to successfully cultivate the strain on your own.

It can, however, be grown indoors or outdoors. It typically does better indoors though, using a Sea of Green (SOG) method due to the structure of the buds. The SOG method involves growing the plant in a way that forces flowering at a young age, resulting in an early harvest.

Expect an average yield around 16 ounces per square meter when growing Bruce Banished.

When grown in a Sea of Green, the plant should only be left in the vegetative period for two weeks. The flowering stage should take between 8 – 9 weeks before you can start harvesting. If grown successfully, you can expect an average yield of around 16 ounces per square meter.

The Bruce Banished strain can also do well outdoors in warmer climates. Flowering time usually lasts until mid to late October, and the yield is also impressive at approximately 20 ounces or more per plant.

If you are an experienced grower or feeling adventurous, Bruce Banished seeds are readily available online and in dispensaries with legal access to recreational and medical cannabis.

THC Content – Highest Test

Banished’s THC content is usually about 20%. On rare occasions, however, it has been reported as high as 28%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The most powerful varieties of cannabis have a greater ratio of THC to CBD, implying they have more THC and less CBD. The Bruce Banished strain is no exception. It’s likely got virtually no CBD in it – probably not much more than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Bruce Banished Strain

When you smoke Bruce Banished, you might feel lighthearted, uplifted, and euphoric. As a result, the strain may be beneficial for individuals who are suffering from stress or anxiety. Although it can cause headaches, using the correct quantity at the right time could help to relieve migraines.

The Bruce Banished strain has the ability to increase hunger, making it extremely useful for treating eating issues. It’s also known to have a high pain-relieving potency, especially for those undergoing unpleasant procedures. Patients going through uncomfortable therapy or sufferers of chronic muscular pains may find it beneficial.

Some users have reported that Bruce Banished is beneficial in the treatment of nausea, glaucoma, mood disorders, and diabetes.

Possible Side Effects of the Bruce Banished Strain

There are a few potential negative effects when smoking Bruce Banished, much like with every other cannabis strain. It has typical adverse effects, similar to other strains. Cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and occasionally headaches are all common symptoms.

Final Thoughts on the Bruce Banished Strain

Bruce Banished is a potent sativa strain that is ill-advised for first-timers. However, if taken with caution, it will soothe the body and mind while also promoting focus and generating energy to help you get through your day’s tasks and responsibilities. If you ingest too much, though, it might make you sleepy or suspicious due to the high content of THC.

Bruce Banished is a well-liked cannabis strain, as it may be found in many vape and shatter variations from a variety of stores.

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