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So now that you know how to get your favorite cannabis products delivered right to your doorstep, let’s talk about how to actually buy them. In Canada, it’s actually pretty easy—all you need is proof that you’re 19 or older to Buy cannabis Montreal.

How to buy cannabis legally

In Montreal and the rest of Canada, you must be 19 years or older in order to legally purchase and possess cannabis products like marijuana and edibles. All retailers are required by law to check every customer’s ID before any transaction takes place. So, make sure you have valid photo ID on hand for proof of age!

If you decide to Buy cannabis Montreal online instead, all you have to do is provide the retailer with your name and address so they can confirm your identity and age via a third-party authentication service like VeriSign. Once the authentication is successful, the retailer will package up your products and ship them directly to you!

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If shopping in-store is more up your alley, just remember that all transactions will take place in person, so be sure to bring along valid photo ID for proof of age—it’s the law! You’ll also need cash or a credit card as payment for your purchase. Additionally, all cannabis purchases come with an information pamphlet regarding safe handling and disposal of cannabis products provided by the retailer.

To Buy cannabis Montreal legally doesn’t have to be too complicated—just remember that age requirements must be followed and always bring valid photo ID when making any kind of purchase!

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