Honey Dew Drops Strain

The name of the Honey Dew Drops plant is a bit deceptive. While many individuals may picture a numbing high that drains their body and mind, this is not the case. The energetic and uplifting effects of the Honey Dew Drops strain are ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up or a night on the town with pals. It also has some great tastes, including spicy citrus and pine. Try our Lemonade Packwoods Medellin

The word ” Honey Dew Drops” appears on every menu in a coffee shop or online store of cannabis merchants. Honey Dew Drops seems to appear all over the page, whether it’s in a coffee house or an online cannabis store. It’s unusual to come across a restaurant that doesn’t include at least one strain with the name ” Honey Dew Drops” as part of its history.

The Honey Dew Drops strain is one of the most sought-after for breeding, which has resulted in numerous strains with a purported link to the original 1960s Honey Dew Drops strain being developed; and, in most cases, their name includes it.

 Honey Dew Drops is a cannabis strain that comes from the Honey Dew Drops family. What’s more, although Honey Dew Drops are found in most stores, the strain that started it all is rare to come by: Honey Dew Drops itself. There’s actually not much information on Honey Dew Drops and why it has become a favorite among breeders throughout the world.

Let’s take a closer look at Honey Dew Drops to learn why it’s such a popular variety among breeders.

What is Honey Dew Drops Cannabis Strain?

 Honey Dew Drops is a 1960s-era Santa Cruz sativa created by crossing four different sativa strains: South American, Thai, Mexican, and South Indian. The end product is a powerful sativa strain renowned for its lively and inventive high. Honey Dew Drops has been utilized in breeding since then and has resulted in the creation of the Honey Dew Drops family. It has had a significant impact on the cannabis business as a whole.

 Honey Dew Drops is a sativa-dominant strain with a cerebral high that emphasizes mental effects rather than physical sensations. Because it lacks physical effects, it’s ideal for when you still need to feel totally in command of your body and can’t afford to waste many hours locked away on the sofa unable to enjoy Honey Dew Drops’ mind high.

 Honey Dew Drops is a mood elevator that’s frequently used to provide the drive you need to finish your day or tackle tough assignments. Honey Dew Drops is also popular among social gatherings, making for a chill out and leisurely time with pals.

Honey Dew Drops is well-known for its potency, and only a few puffs are required to transport your thoughts. Many individuals discover that Honey DEW DROPS is considerably stronger than they had imagined, and it’s easy to underestimate how much Honey DEWDROPS you’ll need to smoke. Even a single long puff of Honey DEWDROPS may provide hours of Hazy delight for first-timers.

Honey Dew Drops’ initial effects might feel as though your brain is operating at 100 miles per hour. Everything around you appears to be racing by at lightning speed, and you want to do the same in order to stay ahead.

Honey Dew Drops likewise has a beneficial impact on everything around you, giving it a bright glow and making it seem as though anything is feasible. People frequently use this early phase of the high to get things done or go past their physical limits at the gym, seizing the momentary burst of energy.

Honey Dew Drops, according to some people, really enhances social gatherings, especially when you feel out of sorts. It’s far easier to converse than it is with other drinks since ordinary beverages make me feel fidgety.

The effects of the high begin to wear off, however, as Honey Dew Drops delivers an energetic buzz that may keep you motivated and ready to go for hours.

When Honey Dew Drops begins to leave your body, you’ll feel a large drop in energy, which can make you feel drowsy and uninterested. Given the mental strain that a Honey Dew Drops high puts on the mind, it’s no surprise that when such feelings begin to dissipate your body understands how tired it is and crashes.


Honey Dew Drops is renowned for its pungent aroma, which fills the air with a feeling of warmth and reminds one of toasting marshmallows over an open campfire. The complex fragrance is released as you grind Honey Dew Drop buds, resulting in a fresh yet spicy scent.

Honey Dew Drops burns a blend of spices, which is then combined with a classic cannabis scent to create a cloud of pleasant smoke. As you exhale, you sense a somewhat sweet citrus note that you would not anticipate from such a spicy strain.

Honey Dew Drops produces a smooth smoke which is easy to inhale, even for novice smokers, making it a popular choice for those who find that smoking a joint normally leaves them coughing uncontrollably. Honey Dew Drops can linger in the air for some time after smoking and this is worth considering when smoking indoors.

How does Honey Dew Drops’ taste profile compare to its spicy-sweet smell?


Honey Dew Drops is a pleasant smoke to enjoy; even beginners may take deep breaths as the smoke travels down into their lungs, transporting a warm mix of spicy sweetness throughout their senses.

A wave of spicy citrus washed over your taste buds as you took your first puff of Honey Dew Drops, bringing back fond memories of cozy Christmas afternoons spent by the tree with a fire burning in the corner.

As the smoke passes through your body, you may notice that the various tastes vying for your attention begin to dance about in your mouth. A gentle earthy note floats in the back, allowing the stronger citrus and spice notes to battle it out.

All of these distinct tastes seem to combine as you exhale, leaving a warm yet revitalizing sensation in your mouth.


Honey Dew Drops buds are adorned with olive green foliage and orange pistils, which cover the buds. The orange pistils contribute to the plant’s overall look and give the impression that there is a layer of orange hairs covering each bud, giving it an almost fluffy appearance.

Honey Dew Drops leaves are a solid deep green in color, which is almost too perfect to be real. The smoothness of the leaves gives them their phony appearance, but very fine pale green lines run throughout when observed carefully.

Honey Dew Drops plants grow long and thin, with leaves that protrude in random spots adding bulk to what would otherwise be a surprisingly slim plant. It’s the plants’ height and slender build that make them stand out when planted near other strains.

Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Honey Dew Drops is well-known for its long growth period, which can last up to 14 weeks before being ready for harvesting, despite the fact that this has not stopped it from becoming one of the most popular strains in the market.

Honey Dew Drops is not the best strain for beginners since it takes longer to mature than other strains. Only individuals who are prepared to put in a little more time and effort for a big reward at the end of the day should consider growing their own Honey Dew Drops plants at home.

Honey Dew Drops plants may be maintained outdoors, though they require a similar temperature to that of Santa Cruz and the surrounding region, where the strain originated. Honey Dew Drops plants can also be cultivated indoors in colder locations since you have considerably more control over the temperature.

Honey Dew Drops plants are resistant to the majority of molds that can harm and stunt cannabis plant growth, however it is always a good idea to inspect your plant’s leaves on a regular basis.

Honey Dew Drops can be a challenging plant at times, and as a result, may be overwhelming to newcomers. Although growing your own Honey Dew Drops plants is certainly a labor of love, it is more than worth the time and effort in the end.

THC Content – Highest Test

Honey Dew Drops has a THC concentration of 21%, which makes it one of the more powerful sativa strains. The higher-than-average THC content is responsible for the strong head buzz that may be experienced after just a few puffs of Honey Dew Drops. novice smokers and persons with a low THC tolerance should use Honey Dew Drops cautiously, ideally only taking small puffs at a time.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Honey Dew Drops is one of the newest CBD products to hit the market. While there may be a small amount, it’s unclear exactly how much CBD is included in Honey Dew Drops since it’s typically believed to contain barely any more than trace amounts. Given that it’s a strain with a high THC content, and it’s quite unusual to discover a strain that combines both a high THC and CBD concentration, it makes sense that there wouldn’t be enough CBD in Honey Dew Drops.

Honey Dew Drops is a cannabis strain that has many health advantages, despite the fact that it contains almost no CBD. Despite the fact that Honey Dew Drops has almost no CBD, it still offers several potential health advantages, making it an attractive option for medical purposes. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using Honey Dew Drops to enhance your health.

Medical Benefits of Honey Dew Drops Cannabis Strain

Honey Dew Drops is a dietary supplement that is good for people who have attention deficit problems. It’s perfect for doing things without being sidetracked because to the burst of energy and a greater sense of focus. Honey Dew Drops can also be used to treat both tension and sadness, making even the most outlandish ideas seem feasible.

Honey Dew Drops’ elevating mood high helps those who suffer from severe depression to complete everyday activities and routines in a manner that feels out of reach for most.

Honey Dew Drops gives a sudden boost of energy, making it frequently recommended for tiredness. A few puffs first thing in the morning puts the day in good hands and helps to divert the effects of tiredness to one side.

Honey Dew Drops is also effective at increasing hunger, making it ideal for people who are attempting to overcome the side effects of medicines that dampen their appetite. Honey Dew Drops’ bright qualities are also a wonderful pick-me-up while dealing with serious illnesses.

Honey Dew Drops is also effective at relieving sleeplessness as a result of the drowsy, lethargic sensation that takes over your body after the high wears off. This does, however, need some foresight since Honey Dew Drops’ initial side effects include a wave of energy that makes it more difficult to nod off.

Some people find that taking Honey Dew Drops a few hours before bed allows them to get the benefits of the strain’s energetic high while also getting the sleep-inducing after effects, allowing them to accomplish several tasks off their list before going to bed.

Possible Side Effects of Honey Dew Drops Cannabis Strain

Smoking Honey Dew Drops may make you feel dehydrated and cause dry mouth and, in rare cases, dry eyes. When smoking Honey Dew Drops, have a glass of water on hand to help you stay hydrated and minimize any negative effects. Dry eyes and a dry mouth should not last more than a few hours and do not pose any long-term health risks.

Some people report feeling paranoid and anxious after smoking Honey Dew Drops in greater amounts. This might be partly due to the strain’s higher than usual THC level, combined with the bigger dose. If you have a tendency towards anxiety or paranoia, it is suggested that you start with lower doses of Honey Dew Drops before building up to larger ones to assist your body adjust.

In unusual circumstances, Honey Dew Drops might induce dizziness, causing everything around you to seem warped almost like walking through a carnival of magic mirrors; this may be due to the racing mind that is sometimes seen when smoking Honey Dew Drops.

Final Thoughts on Honey Dew Drops Cannabis Strain

Honey Dew Drops is a relatively new strain that has quickly earned a reputation for being highly potent. It’s no surprise, then, that breeders adore it; its distinct sativa effects make it ideal for mixing with indicas to produce a nicely balanced hybrid plant. Honey Dew Drops gives users a classic sativa high with a boost of energy and enthusiasm, making it the ideal strain to assist you in completing tasks and creative projects.

Honey Dew Drops is not only a productive strain, but it’s also a fun one to enjoy in social settings, generating a light and carefree atmosphere where everyone may just be themselves and have a good time. When you want to get lost in the strain’s powerful psychoactive effects and see where your thoughts go, Honey Dew Drops can be enjoyed on a lazy afternoon.

Honey Dew Drops has rapidly grown in popularity among medicinal users as a result of its wide-ranging health advantages and active high. For Honey Dew Drops lovers, there’s no better way to get the benefits of Honey Dew Drops than with this strain.

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