Ogre Weed Strain

The name “Ogre” comes from a strain of cannabis with huge buds and a forest green color. This colossus of a bud is potent, and it has The strain of cannabis that produced the Ogre is known as “Ogre.” This colossus of a bud has the capacity to produce a psychedelic-like high and is strong. It can also make you feel tired and hungry, so it may be useful for sleeping and nutrition. Ogre has an earthy, skunky, and citrusy taste profile with undertones of lemongrass. You can buy Snowland Cannabis Strain with our cannabis affiliate programs canada. You can buy Ogre Cannabis Strain with our cannabis affiliate programs canada.

In folklore, ogres are usually depicted as terrifying, enormous, and repulsive creatures that consume humans and have a specific taste for newborns. In the contemporary era, ogre tales have been used to great effect by cartoonists as public relations tools. Shrek is an example of a brave and helpful ogre who is more inclined to make friends with others than eat them.

The reputation of these ferocious animals appears to be being repaired by cannabis breeders, who are giving them a robust strain name. The Ogre hybrid is an intense combination that grows more aggressive the more you use it.

What Is the Ogre Strain?

The origin of Ogre weed is a matter of much dispute. It’s said to be a variant of Sensi Star and was created by Paradise Seeds, according to various legends.

Because most Ogre plants are sativa-dominant, and Sensi Star is indica-dominant, this is unlikely. There are several distinct types to select from, such as a cross of Master Kush and Bubba Kush or a strain created by combining Hindu Kush, Amnesia Haze, and Durban Skunk.

Ogre Strain Aroma

The Ogre marijuana strain does not have a particularly pleasant odor. Despite the noxious stench, it has been compared to the armpits of an actual ogre! Despite the pungent smell, skunky undertones are somewhat balanced by nutty citrus notes.

Ogre Strain Flavor

Fortunately, smoking ogres is not nearly as terrible in real life as they appear. Although the tobacco has earthy undertones and a skunky flavor, it also contains citrus and wood nuances that make it pleasant to smoke.

Ogre Strain Appearance

The enormous buds are one of the reasons for its name. It doesn’t have many pistils, but the coating of resin glands is fascinating to enthusiasts seeking for a powerful high. It’s a thick and robust variety with cone-shaped buds that stand out against the forest green color.

Ogre Strain Grow Info

When you’re buying Ogre strain seeds, keep in mind that it’s a multipurpose variety that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It’s an excellent choice for novice growers since it’s tough enough to withstand a few little blunders. It’s also resistant to spider mites, which is fantastic news for novices.

Keep the crop in a warm location with plenty of shade, but avoid putting it in direct sunlight if you grow Ogre outside. It thrives well in soil, and 3-5 gallons of dirt are suggested for raised beds. If you don’t live in an ideal growing region, cultivating Ogre indoors is preferable since it is vulnerable to climatic variations.

It’s not suggested for beginners since growing it outdoors may be tough. Because you can regulate the circumstances, indoor cultivation is preferable.

It does best on SOG or SCROG training methods. It blooms in 7-8 weeks and yields 14 ounces per square meter when grown.

Because this strain has a wide range of characteristics, your crop growth may differ significantly from that of others. For example, you might develop an indica plant with a short and thick structure. Growers like indica cuts because they respond better to nutrients and are less picky.

What Can I Expect When I Use Ogre Weed?

It’s a powerful strain that affects the body and mind almost simultaneously after usage. It’s possible that the cerebral high is psychedelic in nature, so don’t use it excessively. It’s also probable that your thoughts become foggy and you have trouble concentrating. Use Ogre cautiously before or during work to avoid having the effects get out of control.

Users frequently describe a feeling of swelling in their head and a surge of happiness that lifts their spirits. After the initial head high, your body will soon relax, and you might feel like dozing off. It’s also an ogre strain that might induce hunger.

Medical Benefits of Ogre Marijuana

Ogre is a highly beneficial mood booster that can be used by people suffering from anxiety, sadness, or chronic stress. It’s also powerful enough to function as a strong painkiller; fantastic news if you have severe problems with a medical condition such as fibromyalgia.

Possible Side Effects of Ogre Weed

The Ogre strain is tough to control and isn’t suggested for beginners. Apart from standard symptoms such as dry mouth, the Ogre strain is occasionally connected with greater anxiety and paranoia. If you don’t measure out your dose correctly, you might get dizziness or a headache.

Final Thoughts

The Ogre, in terms of fragrance, isn’t the belle of the ball, but it does have a particular, some would say pleasant, flavor that lets you know you’re using strong cannabis. Because the effects impact you so quickly and have an influence on your head and body, it’s ideal to use it at home near bedtime. Otherwise there is a danger of succumbing to couch lock or sleepiness while neglecting your obligations.

The many forms of Ogre make it a difficult cannabis variety to cultivate. The indica cut is the greatest option since it is simpler to grow and generates a higher average yield.

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