Purple Tic Tac Weed Strain

Purple Tic Tac Strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines a boosting sativa energy with a soothing indica effect. It has a smooth, milky flavor with berry undertones and a luxurious, creamy smoke. Use this strain to treat depression, pain, and loss of appetite symptoms. Try our Insano Cake Strain.

Sativa strains are increasingly popular in the cannabis industry for a variety of reasons. They provide excellent wake-and-bake options, ensuring that you can be productive and energetic throughout the day. Sativa plants, however, are distinct individuals.

The Purple Tic Tac Strain is a 75% sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s a unique combination of uplifting qualities and soothing effects associated with indicas that makes it interesting. As a result, the Purple Tic Tac Strain may become your new favorite, go-to strain!

In this post, we explore the best features of Purple Tic Tac Strain and the negative consequences of using it. Perhaps you’ll be able to discover this one-of-a-kind beauty in a dispensary near you.

What Is the Purple Tic Tac Strain Strain?

Purple Tic Tac Strain cannabis is a cross between X-18 and DTC99. Dutchgrown Seeds, the breeders of Purple Tic Tac, selected X18 because it was a strong Pakistani landrace indica; they mixed it with the sativa-dominant DTC99 to modify its effects.

The Purple Tic Tac Strain is a sativa-dominant strain with 75% sativa genes. As a result, the high is mostly uplifting and motivating – much as you would anticipate from a sativa. In addition, the Purple Tic Tac Strain has THC levels of up to 18 percent, which produces a stimulating high that isn’t overwhelming.

The head high of the Purple Tic Tac Strain begins. It’s intellectually engaging and encourages innovation. So, if you have any creative items on your to-do list, the Purple Tic Tac Strain could be the strain for you! The mental stimulation and creativity caused by this strain may help you feel more positive and cheerful.

The Purple Tic Tac Strain is a terrific cushioning strain for daytime use, but it has another edge – at night. It’s never overwhelming; instead, you’ll feel calm and chilled out.

Because of the small amount of indica genetics, the high may seep into your body. Purple Tic Tac Strain is effective in relieving pain and providing a relaxing effect that permeates every muscle. Additionally, Purple Tic Taco Strain has been associated with causing a severe case of the munchies, so stock up on food!


The fragrance of Purple Tic Tac Cannabis is rather pleasant. This pungent variety may be smelled from afar with buds that exude a scent. Fortunately, the fragrance is one of sweetness, differing significantly from most marijuana strains.

The pungent, hoppy scent that almost every strain has is lovely. Purple Tic Tac Strain, on the other hand, contains a lot sweeter scents, including floral and fruity odors. The most prominent aroma is blueberries, with a hint of lemongrass.


The flavor of the Purple Tic Tac Strain is surprisingly nice. The smoke is thick but not in a choking, harsh manner. It’s smooth and delicious, exactly like the aroma suggests.

The taste is similar to the scent with undertones of blueberry. It’s a pleasure that will keep you coming back for more, thanks to the creamy smoothness of the smoke and the buttery creaminess of the flavor.

It’s also nice to know that the earthy tones in the scent translate into lavender in the taste. The floral undertones temper those sugary tastes, adding a little something extra to this bud.

The Purple Tic Tac Strain is a sweet and tasty strain that satisfies the palates of those who try it.


Purple Tic Tac Strain has a dreary appearance in contrast to its interesting flavor and fragrance. The nuggets are green like the trees, and there’s nothing special about them. There may be some trichomes and pistils visible, in keeping with true sativa growth patterns.

Purple Tic Tac Strain Strain Grow Info

Although much is unknown about the Purple Tic Tac Strain in terms of cultivation, it is known to have a sativa-like growth pattern. It grows tall like a sativa and may need to be tethered. The Sea of Green (SoG) approach has worked for growers who cultivated Purple Tic Tac Strain successfully.

The Purple Tic Tac Strain requires regular topping in order to flourish. For the best results, prune it back to the sixth internode. It apparently takes around nine weeks to flower.

Purple Tic Tac Strain seeds were originally released by Greengrown Seeds as a limited edition, so it’s difficult to come by them. Instead, take a clipping from a friend or acquaintance that has grown the crop before. Clipping generates more predictability in the growth process and narrows the margin of error.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC concentration of the ‘Purple Tic Tac Strain’ ranges between around 14% and 18%, with an average of 16%. These levels are nice for those who haven’t used it before since they aren’t too high. At the same time, it’s enough to give a solid buzz that may grow stronger as you consume more. As usual, newcomers should be careful not to take too much since this is their first time using it.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of Purple Tic Tac Strain has never been revealed. Because of its parentage and the typical CBD concentration of a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it’s reasonable to assume that Purple Tic Tac Strain’s CBD content is less than 1%. This isn’t unusual in many strains; however, it doesn’t imply that Purple Tic Tac Strain is without medical uses.

Medical Benefits of the Purple Tic Tac Strain Strain

With cannabis becoming more popular every day, the benefits of using it for medical purposes are becoming increasingly apparent. Patients are now utilizing marijuana for a variety of reasons, including chronic pain treatment and insomnia relief. The Purple Tic Tac Strain might help MMJ patients with a range of problems, such as both mental and physical ailments.

Purple Tic Tac Strain has a sativa-like head high that’s great for individuals suffering from mood issues such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. While some cerebral strains can also cause you to get too excited, Purple Tic Tac Strain is suitable due to its enough calming effects.

You may finally let go of your doubts and negative emotions, leaving you pleased and at ease.

The amount of THC in Purple Tic Tac Strain may also help those suffering from chronic pain. THC is commonly used to ease mild aches and pains. The indica component of Purple Tic Tac Strain, which affects the body rather than the mind, is also effective at reducing pain.

Purple Tic Tac Strain is a powerful appetite stimulant. It gives you the munchies, making it difficult for you to avoid eating. Anorexia sufferers enjoy the effect of creating a hungry appetite because it helps them cope with their condition.

Furthermore, it may aid persons who suffer from cancer or other illnesses that cause nausea and hunger loss. One puff of the Purple Tic Tac Strain will have you eating again in no time.

Possible Side Effects of the Purple Tic Tac Strain Strain

Unfortunately, Purple Tic Tac Strain has several typical negative effects. Purple Tic Tac Strain, ironically a strain used to treat mood disorders, has been reported to induce anxiety in some people. Because it is known to cause paranoia, those who are sensitive to THC should avoid this plant.

Dryness and cottonmouth are also prevalent. After smoking the Purple Tic Tac Strain, you may expect red, irritated eyes and a sense of dehydration. Neither of these impacts is dangerous; you can easily remedy them with water and eye drops.

For individuals who aren’t expecting it, the munchies might be a negative consequence. If you’re on a tight regimen, be aware that this strain makes you ravenous and may be avoided if you’re on a diet. At the absolute least, put together some nutritious munchies to keep your jaws occupied during the peak.

Final Thoughts

The Purple Tic Tac Strain is a wonderful hybrid strain that combines the energy of a sativa with the soothing effects of an indica. It’s a great afternoon strain, adding a surge of creativity and pleasure to any other day. Because it’s a sativa, it won’t make you sleepy for long!

Purple Tic Tac Strain is a strain that users adore because it has delicious berry tastes and a sweet scent. Unfortunately, it is a somewhat uncommon variety, and obtaining some isn’t easy. Before it’s too late, grab up any Purple Tic Tac Strain you see at your local dispensary!

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