Recommended Basics for First-Time RC Car Owners

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If you’re thinking of buying your first radio-controlled car on, you may be overwhelmed with all the options and features available. Don’t worry—we have some handy tips to get you started!

Car Type

The most important thing to consider when buying an RC car is its type. Do you want an off-road vehicle with big tires and high suspension, or something more manageable like an electric touring car? If you want something for the terrain, make sure it has enough ground clearance and shock absorption for the bumps and jumps that come with off-road driving. If you plan on racing, a touring car is the way to go.

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Battery Type

Another key piece of information to consider is the type of battery your RC car uses. While brushed motors have been the standard in RC cars in the past, they are no longer recommended as they can be inefficient. Choose brushless motors instead—they are more powerful and last longer than brushed motors.

Ready-To-Run (RTR) vs Kit

When buying your first RC car, you should also consider whether to buy a Ready-To-Run (RTR) model or a kit that requires some assembly. While RTR models are easier to use and often cheaper, kits give you more control over how your RC car looks and performs.

No matter which option you choose, make sure the car has all the necessary onboard electronics like transmitter battery pack, charger, speed control unit or remote controller before making your purchase. By following these guidelines for buying your first RC car—and doing some research on what’s available—you’ll be able to find one that fits your budget

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