Moroccan Hash

A wise person once said, “A single page of history is worth a pound of logic.” We’re going to give you at least three pounds’ worth of reasoning on the house today. You may thank us later if you like. The history of Moroccan hash is illustrious. It has been found in numerous countries throughout… Continue reading Moroccan Hash


Waxes and concentrates are becoming increasingly popular in legal states. With the growing demand, many manufacturers developed vaporizers that could vaporize extracts, shatter, waxes, dabs, and concentrates. Looking to try something new? Check out this loud city wax pen. What is a dab pen? Simply defined, a dab pen or wax pen is a type… Continue reading Untitled

Pink Caviar Strain Review

Pink Caviar Strain is a beautiful and tasty strain that’s great for unwinding after a long day. Keep some Pink Caviar Strain on hand to use as a relaxant when things get tough. The Pink Caviar Strain is a well-known strain in the culinary world. While tastes are typically neutral, Pink Caviar Strain’s flavor is… Continue reading Pink Caviar Strain Review

CBD Oil for Frustration

Frustration is the experience of being dissatisfied or irritated because you are unable to modify or achieve a goal, according to one dictionary definition. This complex emotion can be found in all aspects of life. These circumstances might include workplace events, squabbles with mates or family, or even little annoyances such as traffic jams. Frustration… Continue reading CBD Oil for Frustration

What is Cannabigerol

Cannabinoids are chemical components present in cannabis, which explain the therapeutic advantages linked to medical marijuana. Each cannabinoid has its own set of characteristics that may be useful in a variety of diseases. Researchers must look at as many cannabinoids as possible to truly comprehend how medical marijuana might help. Cannabigerol (CBG) is a lesser-known… Continue reading What is Cannabigerol


THC bound to a carrier oil is extracted by butane extraction and turned into shatter. Shatter has been popular among marijuana users in recent years for its glassy, appealing texture and high THC content. Let’s look at what shatter is and how it’s produced, as well as how we evaluate it, closer. About shatter Shatter… Continue reading Shatter

Best CBD Oils for Arthritis

CBD has become one of the most popular treatments for a variety of health problems, thanks to its outstanding advantages. These conditions include anxiety, sadness, sleeplessness, discomfort, and a slew of other issues. Is it necessary to use CBD oil for hernia pain? Is it advised? Currently, there isn’t much research on CBD oil for… Continue reading Best CBD Oils for Arthritis

Blue Dream Weed

Blue Dream is a fragrant, sweet-tasting strain with a crisp blueberry aroma. It’s a well-known variety that has medical advantages, such as alleviating pain and anxiety symptoms. Blue Dream may also promote feelings of happiness and wellness. In the world of marijuana, Blue Dream has become a standard. While it is popular among MMJ patients,… Continue reading Blue Dream Weed

Purple Yeti Strain

The Purple Yeti strain is a delicious, flavorful, indica-dominant treat. It produces a sense of relaxation and calm while also reducing stress and anxiety. The Purple Yeti strain is a one-of-a-kind indica-leaning cannabis breed with a low THC content but comparable CBD boost. This is an ideal strain for beginners to try since its CBD… Continue reading Purple Yeti Strain