Betting Results definition

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You’re probably familiar with what betting is all about, but you may not be sure exactly how you’ll know the results of your bet. Well, it’s actually pretty simple. The betting results definition depend on the outcome of the event that took place.

For instance, if you were betting on a sporting event, such as football or basketball, then the result would depend on which team won or lost the game here.

Betting Results definition

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If you were betting on a horse race, then the result would depend on which horse crossed the finish line first.

In certain cases, your bet may result in a push— meaning that you neither lose nor gain any money from your bet. This usually happens when there is a tie or when no clear winner can be determined from the event’s outcome.

If your bet wins, then you will be paid out based on the odds of your wager and any bonuses associated with it— such as if you have an accumulator bet along with it or placed a correct score guessing competition. Whatever amount was wagered will be credited to your account as winnings.

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