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Blueberry OG is a sleepy indica that isn’t overly powerful. However, it is adored by many consumers for its effects. It can reduce anxiety and stress while also decreasing inflammation and pain symptoms. It has a smooth body high with a touch of fresh, sweet, and juicy blueberries. You can buy Blueberry OG using our weed near me.

There are a lot of strains with a fantastic reputation – the old mainstays that you know you can trust when you’re unsure at the dispensary. What happens, though, if you combine some of these trustworthy and consistent strains that we all adore and understand so well?

Blueberry OG is a good example of this – two well-known strains combined to create something entirely new, yet still extremely identifiable. Let’s take a look at the Blueberry OG strain and see if it can live up to the reputation of its illustrious parents.

What is the Blueberry OG Strain?

The Blueberry OG strain was developed by crossing the DJ Short Blueberry strain with OG Kush, one of the most renowned marijuana strains ever. With a name like Blueberry OG, you immediately think of an odd combination of both strong, fresh blueberries and the classic, dank flavor of the OG family.

It’s crucial to note, however, that the Blueberry component of this plant’s genetics belongs to DJ Short Blueberry, which is somewhat different from the classic Blueberry strain that should be recognized by any fruit lover. This Blueberry offshoot was spliced and crossed and re-crossed several times until the flavors were fully concentrated and hybridized to provide a uniquely potent Blueberry flavor with huge amounts of THC.

You end up with an indica leaning hybrid that maintains the flavors of both of its parents while also bringing with it a profoundly competent, yet altogether different own high when paired with the almighty classic indica legend OG Kush. After your first puff of Blueberry OG, you’ll experience an amazing sensation of euphoric thrill, which leads to a noticeable sense of lightheadedness and the feeling of flying high above the ground.

You will stumble for a short time until you discover there isn’t a single ounce of stress or worry left in your whole body, at which point you’ll get an exceptionally intense, beautiful surge of calm, relaxed euphoria that you won’t be able to remember ever feeling before. A grin will spread across your face, providing a thoroughly uplifted yet strangely focused mentality on everything around you, so that while you’re grinning like an idiot and looking all around you, you’ll still be able to concentrate on any tasks left to complete at the end of the day.

After a little while of smoking Blueberry OG, you will be greeted by one of the most well-known aspects of this strain: its insatiable desire to simply keep chatting, no matter what happens. If you’re happy in a group that’s all talking about Blueberry OG, your conversation may seem to go on for hours, discussing anything and everything while really opening up to one another.

If you’re the only one who enjoys Blueberry OG, your pals will find you rambling endlessly and unable to silence you. So, for the sake of those around you’ s sanity, make sure you smoke Blueberry OG only in the company of other like-minded people. You wouldn’t want to be a bore.

Is it true that the taste and fragrance vary based on variety, terroir, region, and other factors? Is it similar to its brothers in the same way as its smell and flavor are different from those of other strains?


The distinctive fragrance of freshly picked blueberries comes to mind when you smell this Blueberry OG marijuana strain, which is appropriate since it’s created from the same species as OG Kush. The scent of fresh, bursting blueberries hits your palate right away with this cross. While the scent of Blueberry OG is more textured than that of its predecessor, it also has undertones of woodland surrounding the berries, as well as earthy notes.

The rich clods of earth, packed full of vitality and life, complement the profoundly flavorful blueberry flavor. The scent just gets richer when you crack open the buds, adding more berries with distinct undertones of sourness and diesel that are instantly recognizable as originating from OG Kush.

Is it possible to get rid of the cat urine smell? Is it feasible to remove the odor without discoloring your walls or furniture? What flavors does a cat pee have, and how do you get rid of it?


The first flavor on first smoking this famous strain is that of blueberries. Your tongue is bombarded with brilliant, dancing blueberries as rich, teeming juice runs down your chin and makes you thirst for more.

The earthiness, on the other hand, is far more apparent than its fragrance; it immediately hits you with that rich dirt flavor as well as a hint of peat.

Underneath that initial wave of tart yet sweet blueberries, in the back of your mouth, is the OG Kush flavor’s enduring power and consistency. These two primary tastes combine and mingle together constantly to create this burst of intense flavor that makes you dizzy as though you’re spinning on the spot.

But what about its appearance? Is it also appealing to the eye, in addition to its flavor profile?


Surprisingly, this uniquely powerful strain lacks any distinct features in its appearance that would make it readily apparent. It has a green hue with splashes of yellow, like a sun-dappled wood seen through the clouds, yet it also displays hues of darker colors such as purple and even, on rare occasions, a hint of rusted red.

The buds are medium-sized and reasonably compact, with a few more colorful additions to distinguish it from normal marijuana. However, if the Blueberry OG strain is subjected to cooler temperatures, especially during the drying process of bud growth, a few samples of this variety can become even more colorful.

If you want some of this strain, look no further than your local marijuana store; however. The greatest method to discover this kind of spectacular color combination is to attempt grow Blueberry OG yourself.

Blueberry OG Strain Grow Info

Blueberry OG seeds are rather rare in the cannabis world. This is due to the fact that DJ Short, the Blueberry’s original breeder, holds the seeds copyright very tightly, making it difficult to discover any viable seeds as a result of their scarcity. Instead, attempt to get your hands on a clipping from a trustworthy buddy; this plant responds exceptionally well from a clone.

It’s possible to cultivate it indoors or out, but make sure it’s well pruned since the plant develops like a dense prickly bush, causing it to overshadow the lower branches. You may also improve the beauty of your plants by subjecting them to slightly cooler temperatures (between 10 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few days before blossoming.

This is easiest to accomplish if it’s grown indoors, since you can simply adjust the room temperature. However, if you grow it outdoors, you may pray for colder weather. After between 8 and 10 weeks, anticipate a big harvest, especially if you paid close attention to the nutritional demands of your Blueberry OG throughout its early development – because it tends to require more nitrogen than other strains, make sure to feed it properly and keep it happy.

What kind of cannabis content can you anticipate from your completed bud once you’ve completed growing Blueberry OG?

THC Content – Highest Test

Blueberry OG cannabis is well-known for its powerful effects of cannabis and potentness. However, what isn’t totally clear is the quantity of cannabinoids in it. Some growers and reviewers claim that this plant has a whopping 24% THC content, while others claim that it has an almost 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC, emphasizing its extremely low 16% THC concentration.

It appears to make sense that the THC concentration of Blueberry OG wouldn’t be too high, since it doesn’t produce much psychosis or any other powerful responses. However, the potency of Blueberry OG speaks for itself, proving beyond a doubt that it does contain more THC than most comparable crossbreeds.

CBD Content – Highest Test

With regard to the Blueberry OG variety’s CBD content, it is even more difficult to determine than its THC amount.

The Blueberry OG strain is supposed to have a lot of CBD, with 13% according to some people. It’s been dubbed “the anti-inflammatory cannabis strain.” However, many others claim that there isn’t any CBD in it and that it doesn’t appear to be beneficial for anything other than its euphoric high.

So, what are the actual medical benefits of this strain? What kind of useful treatment options does the Blueberry OG strain provide?

Medical Benefits of the Blueberry OG Strain

When attempting to identify the cannabinoid content of a specific strain as well as its probable parentage, it’s very useful to be able to examine typical medical effects; this will usually tell us what our marijuana is comprised of. Because of Blueberry OG’s apparent actions, it appears that it is mostly high in THC with at least some CBD content.

Blueberry OG is well-known for being an effective treatment for sadness and stress, suggesting it has a good amount of CBD. This strain’s lengthy high is ideal for removing any and all worries, tension, or concern that you carry with you throughout the day. Furthermore, this strain is great at treating chronic headaches and inflammation as well as any other pain-related problems, especially long-term pain from a chronic illness.

Blueberry OG is a potent indica-dominant strain that has a long list of medical benefits, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of ailments, not just as a pain relief medication. Blueberry OG’s side effects are the same as any other beneficial cannabis strain: there will be some advantages and disadvantages.

Possible Side Effects of the Blueberry OG Strain

The most apparent disadvantage of this strain is the fact that you will get a lot of dry mouth and eyes, which will cause severe, obvious chapping to your lips and eyelids that may need frequent wetting with cold water to alleviate.

The most apparent and distressing side effects of Blueberry OG are anxiety, which it induces. While many cannabis strains with a lot of CBD have been shown to be good for treating anxiety, this particular strain is one that, sadly, increases anxiety.

This strain contains an extremely high amount of THC, so if you’re a cannabis user who has never tried it before and is sensitive to the effects of THC, you should probably avoid this one. While this might be most apparent if you have anxiety already, many people have stated that they experienced brief bouts of anxiety and worried thoughts after using this crop, so keep in mind not to smoke too much at once. Additionally, after your first puff or two of this potent strain, you may feel a little dizziness; while it isn’t terrible by any means , this sensation of dizziness can frighten some individuals if they are not used to it.

Final Thoughts on the Blueberry OG Strain

There are several strong and flavorful strains available that are well worth sampling – from the classic, constant OG Kush to more unusual ones with names no one has ever heard of; finding a complete list of strains you need to try is always difficult. One effective approach to get started is to make a point of trying well-respected strains created using previously famous strains with powerful tastes and robust effects in mind.

Blueberry OG is a delightfully potent, yet still extremely tasty strain. If you’re searching for a wonderfully strong yet equally delicious marijuana variety, Blueberry OG is well worth considering. It won’t knock you out or provide transcendent, psychedelic experiences but it will offer an excellently pleasurable high with Blueberry and dank, earthy undertones.

For those who want to discover only the top strains that the cannabis world has to offer, you should definitely look for some Blueberry OG the next time you go to your local dispensary.

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